1) Promotion to manager


This testimony was sent to my messenger with the attached picture, less than an hour ago. Not including her name for obvious reasons.

“I held so strong to these words
I was ignored by my boss just because I don’t compromise
He called me yesterday, and apologized
Handed me my promotion letter as the new manager
Because he’s resigned
They are buying a brand new Toyota corolla 2016 model for me by January
Now I want to say thank you Sir
God has used you through this platform to bless me in tremendous ways”

Praise the Lord!!!

2) Leg pain instantly healed

I was having a telephone conversation with Anulika Nwachukwu minutes ago (23/8/2016) when a woman walked into church with her daughter, crying and in serious pains. I listened to her story, she had been operated upon and had experienced spiritual attacks. She used to be a banker, now she has no good job and she’s not with her husband.

I asked if she is born again. She said yes. She has been to churches in need of solution. I asked her to sit on my chair, told her Jesus is the healer and not churches or man, laid my hand on her leg and commanded the devil to leave her leg and her life; I also commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus! Then I asked her to exercise the leg. The woman just left the church without pain! Her leg was healed instantly! Hallelujah!

“I got a contract worth 1/2 a million by coming in contact with this ministry some months ago.” MD, Wizbros Global Nig. Ltd.

“Yesterday’s devotional was for me. So precise. I was in the house, I couldn’t even go to work because of my state of mind. So depressed, wondering when my dream and aspirations were going to be fulfilled. At 45, I’m still floating. I was at rock bottom yesterday. Many times I see no reason to go on. I tell you, it’s my daughter who keeps me alive. I read your devotional and hope was stirred. God was telling me to hold on.” Mrs. Helen

“Good evening Pastor C. Hope all is moving well with you and your family. Making reference to today’s devotion, I was greatly blessed today. I went for an interview in the U.S R mass here in London. With the whole reform system in education taking place especially on international students, I was granted favour today. I can remember, while I sat patiently waiting for my number to be shown on the screen, I clearly remembered today’s words, “Orders have been given concerning my success.” I said a little prayer, telling God that “I have been denied visa before but at this particular time, I have nothing to say but let your will be done.” As my number was projected on the screen, I walked to my stand. Lo and behold the only question the man asked me was “Why are you travelling to the States?” I said for a visit. With no much ado, the man said, “Your visa has been approved.” That was just it.

I just wanted to share my testimony with you. Today’s devotion was actually meant for me. Seriously, it was efficient and effective. May God continue to enrich you with His words. Thanks and goodnight.” Olivia