Dear young Christian minister: A successful ministry

Dear young Christian minister

A successful ministry

I want you to understand what God sees as a successful ministry. You know, today we tend to measure success in different ways; but a successful ministry isn’t about the size of your audience, the size of your buildings, bank account, assets you possess, your ability to get people off their seats while you preach, likes and followers on social media, or even the number of invitations you receive to minister each week: those things can be either good or bad depending on the circumstances.

We must begin to see things differently. A successful ministry can make you hated just as it can make you loved; a successful ministry can be achieved in extreme poverty as in wealth; a successful ministry can earn you persecutions instead of applause; you can be hungry and still be a very successful minister in the sight of God.

Your success as a minister, first and foremost, is measured by your obedience to the One Who called you, and by your faithfulness in doing His will for you. Every other thing is up to Him!

Don’t be discouraged by challenges, and don’t have a habit of comparing yourself with others in ministry, thereby getting discouraged and feeling like a failure. Learn to walk with the Holy Spirit, and let Him do with you whatever He wills.

Remain focused and motivated.

Your fellow minister,

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim
Able Ministers Chapel

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