What To Do As You Fast And Pray

What to do as you fast and pray

1) Enter His presence with singing

2) Make sure you pray

3) Don’t have sex or do any sexual activity

4) Be expectant

5) Be attentive and take notes

6) Make specific requests

7) Pray in the Spirit as much as you can

8) Read the Bible

9) Read edifying materials and listen to inspiring messages

10) Forgive everyone

11) Be holy

12) Be kind to others and do good

13) Endure

14) Have the right attitude to fasting

15) Humble yourself before the Lord

16) Intercede for others

17) Pray several times daily (as much as you can. Short prayers and long prayers, if you can)

18) Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

19) Try and pray for up to an hour at a time (if you can)

20) End with thanksgiving

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim
Able Ministers Chapel

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