The Kind Of Songs That Move God

The Kind Of Songs That Move God

1) Songs that talk about Him and His deeds

2) Songs that extol Him

3) Songs that talk about His power, greatness and majesty

4) Songs about His goodness, deliverance and salvation

5) Songs that express our gratitude to Him

6) Songs about His mercies and compassion

7) Songs about His holiness

8) Songs about His creation, His wonders on earth and in heaven

9) Songs that say He’s worthy

10) Songs that magnify Him above all other gods (which are not gods), and authorities and powers

11) Songs that ascribe to Him all honour, riches and glory

12) Songs that say that there’s none like Him

13) Songs that magnify and glorify His name

14) Songs that talk about who/what He is to you

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim
Able Ministers Chapel
January 9, 2018

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