A lot of people think being a pastor (a true pastor) is fun. When people think of pastors, they imagine that they are enjoying the very best things of life while their members are suffering. We look at the General Overseers and senior pastors of the mega churches who have private jets and properties and assume that every other pastor is rich. It’s not true: there are so many poor pastors. Many pastors literally live by faith every day. And yet, they have to carry the burdens of their members as well.

I have also learned from personal experience that people no longer trust pastors. When I was about to pay the rent for the hall I now use; that was in January 2016; I was shocked that the landlord insisted on seeing me first before agreeing to receive payment. When I met him, he was okay with me and shared his concerns. Same thing happened when I was getting my house: in fact the agent had to work harder to convince the landlady that I am different. She didn’t want a pastor – she doesn’t trust pastors.

I first noticed it several years ago. A business man told me about a certain pastor he gave a contract to supply furniture for his office. It was about three million Naira. The pastor was fully paid, but he never supplied the furniture.

The fear of pastors is justified. There are quite a number of bad and fake ones. But it’s the good and genuine ones who are actually paying the price for the evils done by the bad ones. The only consolation is that God is always with His own.

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim
August 28, 2017

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