All For One (Going After Souls)

All For One (Going After Souls)
Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim
July 26, 2017

I got this revelation on my bed at midnight. I hope that it will get us all involved in soul winning and help us achieve even greater results. I spent hours writing on evangelism this morning; things I’ll share in due course.

The revelation is from 2 Samuel 20:1-22. It’s just another story, but it’s quite insightful. I never saw it this way until today! Please read it.

Here are the points:

1) Sheba represents the sinner
2) The army of Israel represents the church/unit/cell/team
3) The entire army went after just one man
4) They pursued Sheba to where he was
5) They besieged the city, and kept battering the wall – nothing was going to stop them from getting their target; they were determined to get him at any cost
6) They pursued him with hatred to kill him. We are to pursue the sinner with love to save him
7) They went after him with urgency
8) Joab said to the widow, “Deliver him only, and I will depart.” We must pray, and keep preaching and pursuing until the sinner’s soul is delivered from the kingdom of darkness.
9) They only retired after they had succeeded in getting the man they wanted.

God bless you. You’re free to share.

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