Bible Study: The Power Of A Praying Church

Bible Study: The Power Of A Praying Church
Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Acts 12:5

We’ve been studying the subject of prayer. I hope you’ve been praying?

A church that prays is a powerful church.

One major activity of the Early Church was prayer. We can see that in Acts 1:14 and 2:42. We seem to have more time for other activities these days, than for prayer.

Another thing we see in the Early Church, is that major decisions and actions were decided through, and effected by prayer. Acts 1:24, 6:6

When the church was threatened, they prayed. They didn’t lobby anyone, or form a committee to negotiate; they prayed. Acts 4:23-31; 12:1-5

Even the leaders of the church prayed. Prayer was not something they delegated to others. Acts 3:1, 6:4

When the church prays…
1) We will make tremendous impact (Acts 5:12-16)
2) We will make perfect choices in line with God’s will (Acts 1:23-26; 13:2)
3) God will release His power (Acts 4:31-33)
4) There will be revelations (Acts 10:9-10)
5) There will be breakthroughs (Acts 12:5-13)

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim

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