Bible Study: Praying Without Ceasing

Bible Study: Praying Without Ceasing
Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2017

1 Thessalonians 5:18, Colossians 4:2, Ephesians 6:18

Every Christian should have an active prayer life. We should develop a habit of praying all the time, every day, at least.

A prayerless Christian is a weak Christian. Through prayer, our spirits are strengthened, and our flesh is subdued. See Matthew 26:36-41.

You cannot operate at a certain level in the realm of the spirit and in power until you are praying consistently.

Through prayer, we are able to achieve tremendous results in the physical. See James 5:17-18. Mere wishes and desires don’t make things happen. Powerful prayer produces powerful results.

By strength shall no man prevail. Human abilities are greatly limited, but through prayer, we connect to God’s divine power which is already available for us.

Every great believer had a great prayer life. Daniel prayed three times daily (Daniel 6:10); David prayed thrice daily too (Psalm 55:17). Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul, the Early Church, all prayed. And no one prayed more than Jesus. He prayed as if everything He did depended on His prayers. He prayed early in the morning (Mark 1:35), at night (Matthew 14:23), and all night (Luke 6:12).

Let’s pray without ceasing, and we would see the manifestation of God’s power on our behalf. Amen.

Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim

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