Become Stronger; Develop Capacity

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Become Stronger; Develop Capacity

“Later, however, when the Israelites became strong enough, they forced the Canaanites to work as slaves. But they did not drive them out of the land.” Joshua 17:13 NLT

The Bible says that the descendants of Manasseh were unable to occupy the towns given to them because the Canaanites were determined to stay there.

Understand that the problem was not that the Canaanites were determined to stay on the land; the real problem was that the people of Manasseh were incapable of getting them out of the land. They were weak compared to the Canaanites. But when their strength increased, they succeeded in making the Canaanites to work for them.

What you are able to do, or unable to do depends on your strength. Some of us are where we are today because we are weaker than the challenges we face. Our fears are greater than our faith; our doubts are bigger than our confidence; our flesh is stronger than our spirit man: no wonder we have not been able to accomplish much.

You’ve got to grow in strength continually until you are able to deal effectively with the issues in your life. Sickness will bow to you when your faith is strong! Edify yourself continually; build up your capacity relentlessly. You have the potential to do wonders, but you’ve got to grow!

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