Learn to make good decisions

Learn to make good decisions

Especially as a man, you must learn to make good decisions because you will be the head of your home. The difference between two leaders is the decisions they make; great leaders make great decisions.

As a husband or wife, you’re going to be making decisions virtually every day of your marriage – decisions about your finances, health, accommodation, holidays, children’s welfare and education, investments, security, relations, neighbours, friends, travelling, church, clothes and appearances, etc; the list is endless. Understand that one bad decision can lead to loss of lives and fortunes.

Making good decisions starts now that you’re single. Deciding who to marry is the first and most important decision you must make. It’s like the foundation for a successful marriage.

You need the wisdom of God, and you need knowledge too, to be able to make informed decisions. Be a reader; listen to the news; attend seminars and conferences. Don’t spend all your time watching only movies and football, it won’t help you. And of course, above all, study the word of God, because it is your wisdom. #CJI

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