Don’t Have The Devil As A Relation

Don’t Have The Devil As A Relation

Someone said, “If you marry an unsaved person, you will have the devil as your father-in-law, and you cannot stop him from coming to your house.”

Think about it. It’s true!

God says, “Marry anyone you like, but he/she must be a Christian.” As Christians, we are not allowed to date unbelievers and the Bible is very clear about that. Don’t even think about it; God will never bless or approve of a relationship with an unbeliever. It doesn’t matter how much they love you, they will never be right for you.

Don’t be misled by what’s going on in the world; God will never change His mind about it: stick to God’s instructions and you will be happy and fulfilled. And understand that even the devil goes to church; so it’s not about finding someone who goes to church, that person must be a Christian indeed.

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