Working For God With A Right Attitude

Spirit & Life Devotional
Saturday, 26 March 2016
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

Working For God With A Right Attitude

“And they lodged all around the house of God because they had the responsibility, and they were in charge of opening it every morning.” I Chronicles 9:27 NKJV

That chapter of the Bible talked about the Levites and their responsibilities in the house of God. Some were gatemen, and the Bible says that they lived around the house of God because of the responsibility that was given to them.

Those Levites were committed to the work which they were given, you can tell just by reading about them that they were passionate about their duties, and faithful in doing it. They even had to live around the temple.

What’s your attitude towards the work that you have been given in the house of God? You know, there are times when members are asked to come together and do certain tasks and some never bother to show up. Some of us are inactive members of various departments and units in church! It shouldn’t be so. Let’s serve with a right attitude.

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