You Will Smile Again

Spirit & Life Devotional
Saturday, 26 September 2015
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

You Will Smile Again

“For the Lord will restore the excellence of Jacob like the excellence of Israel, for the emptiers have emptied them out and ruined their vine branches.” Nahum 2:2 NKJV

The Contemporary English Version says, “Judah and Israel are like trees with branches broken by their enemies. But the Lord is going to restore their power and glory.” And The Message says, “God has restored the Pride of Jacob, the Pride of Israel. Israel’s lived through hard times. He’s been to hell and back.”

You know, there are emptiers and ruiners in life; these are destroyers, Heartbreakers, home breakers, thieves, manipulators, deceivers, wicked and heartless men, killjoys, wreckers: the Bible says that the enemy comes to steal, to kill and to destroy; has your joy been affected by the wicked? Are you experiencing difficulties in any areas of your life? Have you been broken as a result of how you have been treated by others, especially by those you love? Have you been a victim of evil men?

Hear the word of the Lord, your hour of restoration has come! Your joy is being restored! Your family is being restored! Your finances are being restored! Your health is being restored! God is restoring your status! He is in the process of elevating and honouring you! Hear the word of the Lord, you will smile again; you will laugh again, you will dance again, in the name of Jesus!

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