Spirit & Life Devotional
Sunday, September 21
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

Joshua 5:9 ERV “Then the Lord said to Joshua, “You were slaves in Egypt, and this made you ashamed. But today I have taken away that shame.” So Joshua named that place Gilgal. And that place is still named Gilgal today.”


Everyone has a past. This past is not necessarily when you were a sinner, it includes everything that has happened up till now. There might be things that may have happened that you are ashamed of; it may or may not have been your fault, maybe it’s something that was done to you by other people which you are ashamed to talk about. Today, that shame is rolled away!

Rahab was a prostitute, and many years after her death, James and the author of Hebrews still referred to her as “Rahab the prostitute”. In other words, men may have tagged you and labelled you, and it has been bothering you; listen to me, that chapter of your life is over and God doesn’t even remember it! That shame has been rolled away, in the name of Jesus!

Someone reading this has been raped, and it has affected your self esteem and the way you relate with people you come in contact with. You are set free now in the name of Jesus! That shame has been rolled away! He who the Son set free is free indeed! Free from the consequences, free from the pain, free from the curse, free from the judgement, free from the damage and free from the shame. Old things have passed away, and behold all things have become new! From today, everyone who knew you will begin to see a beautified and glorified and justified you! Hallelujah!

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