Spirit & Life Devotional
Tuesday, August 26
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

1 Corinthians 4:11 ERV “Even now we still don’t have enough to eat or drink, and we don’t have enough clothes. We often get beatings. We have no homes.”


I felt like crying as I read the above verse. A full grown man, who was well educated and influential, was beaten several times, stoned, imprisoned, out in the cold countless times, hungry, so that the people of his generation could be saved! We rarely see or hear about such men today. It’s certainly not what we want to pass through for any reason.

Can I talk to you about Christianity? It’s not all about wearing nice suits and looking good, it’s not all about sitting in the comfort of your house claiming the promises of God for you and your children, neither is it all about bearing titles and acquiring degrees! It’s about paying the price for many more to be saved!

Some of my fondest memories are of times when we went on “missionary journeys” in school to rural areas. Sometimes there was no accommodation, we would put up places; be beaten by rain, planks and mats were our beds; we woke up very early, walked long distances, so we could preach to people far away from where we were.

It’s all about our love for souls. You were saved to save others. You were ministered to so you would minister to others. If Jesus left heaven and suffered so much that we might be saved, we should willingly do same for others. How many of us will say like Paul, “All I want is to know Christ and the power that raised him from death. I want to share in his sufferings and be like him even in his death.” Philippians 3:10

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