Spirit & Life Devotional
Tuesday, July 29
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

Galatians 6:14 ERV “I hope I will never boast about things like that. The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is my only reason for boasting. Through Jesus’ death on the cross the world is dead to me, and I am dead to the world.”


The impact of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 was so much that it caused 23,000 people to commit suicide in one year! We’ve heard stories too, of people who died as a result of bank failures or loss of something valuable to them.

Here’s what caused their deaths. Their hearts were in those things that they lost. Jesus said our hearts are where our treasures are (Matthew 6:21); so they lost our hearts along with their treasures! Some people actually fall sick when they lose their phones; and when they lose cars, their world literally ends! What a shame.

Paul said, “But I will never brag about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of his cross, the world is dead as far as I am concerned, and I am dead as far as the world is concerned.” NLT says, “Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world’s interest in me has also died.”

You can’t steal when you have this mindset. Don’t be emotionally and psychologically attached to anything of no eternal value whether you have a little or excess of it. In the right perspective, they really don’t matter! Don’t be in bondage to anything. Be free in Jesus name!


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