Spirit & Life Devotional
Friday, January 24
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim


Proverbs 24:16 CEB “The righteous may fall seven times but still get up…”

An African proverb says “The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.” So you fell! And so what? The fact that you fell doesn’t make the ground your permanent residence! Get up! Dust yourself! Get treatment for your bruises and keep moving!

Only one thing should stop you: death. Nothing else should. Refuse to stopped by your mistakes; refuse to be stopped by your failures; refuse to be stopped by setbacks; refuse to be stopped by your disabilities! always, whatever the case, get back on your feet, and just keep moving! Tell whatever knocked you down that it’s not over yet!

Maybe you didn’t know; there’s a seed of success in you! And you know what; It is destined to keep on growing no matter the challenges of life. Whenever you get knocked down; don’t stay down, don’t go back either; get up! Throw one more punch; take one more step; fight one more battle; try again and again and again and again and again! You can do it; you will do it!

To do: Say this: The ground is not my residence, I am heading for the top. No challenge of life keeps me down. There’s a seed of success in me and by the grace of God, I will succeed!

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