The words of God are “things”, spiritually speaking; so are our words. When words are spoken, they are not just sounds, they are collected, stored and can be retrieved. Jesus said the words He speaks are spirit. Do you understand?
Whenever God speaks, angels are responsible for the fulfilment of His words. As soon as the word is spoken, they act swiftly on it and ensure that it is either delivered or fulfilled. And they are strong enough to ensure that whatever God says is done exactly as He said it and on time too. Joel 2:11 says that the troops that carry out God’s commands are mighty. And Psalm 103:20 says, “Praise the LORD, you angels of his, you powerful warriors, who carry out his decrees and obey his orders!” Hallelujah!
Angels don’t just sing songs of exultation to God in heaven and fly around having fun; according to Hebrews 1:14, angels are ministering spirits sent out to serve us who are heirs of salvation. Psalm 91:11 reveals that God has commanded the angels to protect us in all our ways. I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those who “pleads the blood” on the plane, their cars, houses and on themselves; if I even pray before a journey it’s just for formality! I don’t even believe I should slip and fall on the floor! Why? Because a command has since been given and I’m very conscious of it and of the presence of angels with me!
Be informed today, dear people of God, that you are fully secured. Go about your daily activities being terrified of nothing! Sleep like a baby! Angels are on assignment on your behalf!
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