In trying to adopt new ways of thinking, some of us deny facts. We don’t want to call whatever we are passing through “problems”, we prefer to call them challenges or something else that sounds better. Well, God even calls them burdens. Being sincere is the first step to freedom. A problem is defined as, “A situation, matter, or person that presents perplexity or difficulty.”

Faith is not denying that you have a problem. Faith is acknowledging that you have a God that is bigger than your problems; faith is acknowledging that you have been empowered to cause changes; faith is admitting that you will always come out victorious, that you will not be overwhelmed by the problems, but that they are meat, and that they will pass away. Faith doesn’t deny the fact, though it may interprete the fact differently from a carnal mind.

Some people merely discuss their problems with God. They take their problems to God in prayer and then take it back home with them afterwards. That doesn’t help. Our confidence is that whenever we ask anything of Him, according to His will, He hears and does it. In other words, if you went to God crying about your problems, you should leave rejoicing about the solutions knowing that God has already begun a good work. That’s faith. You see, sometimes, praying endlessly about your problems is a manifestation of doubt; you probably think that God didn’t hear you the first time.

Cast your cares on the Lord, for He cares for you. Above all, your faith in God should stem from the fact that He has an undying love for you. We are dealing with a God who has gone to the farthest distance, the deepest depths, and the highest heights to prove His love and willingness to do anything for us: by giving up His only Son to die for us, He proved once and for all that He truly cares for us. So, taking your problems to Him and leaving them with Him is the quickest way out of your problems. He cares for you.


  1. Amen! Thank God I laid my burdens down and now, I give it to him and I don't pick them back up! It's a wonderful thing to be able to entrust them to an Almighty God that knows all! Thank you for the inspiration today! Thank God you are back on your post! Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

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