Whatever we have was given to us by God, that’s why I laugh whenever people, claim to be self made. We are whatever we are by the grace of God. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the gold and the silver are His. Now, if you understand that, then you’ll agree with me that we are stewards of whatever is in our possessions. And being stewards, we are required to be faithful.

Faithfulness is the path to wealth. The Scripture says that a faithful man shall abound with blessings. In the parable of the talents, the one who was given five talents, and the one who was given two talents were called “good and faithful” servant, while the one who hid his money in the ground was called “lazy and wicked.” What kind of person are you? Before you answer, know that it is what you are doing with what you have at the moment that determines who you are.

A talent was worth 20 years of a day labourer’s wage! I really wonder how someone hid that in the ground. But funny enough, some of us are worse than the lazy and wicked servant, because we spend whatever we get rather than invest it. According to the Scriptures, the ones who were given five and two talents immediately put their money to work, and they eventually doubled what they were given.

Economists call us “consumers” or “final consumers.” But be an investor. There are diverse ways to invest both physically and in the kingdom of God. Let God lead you. Learn to save no matter how little, and be sure not to give your money to fraudsters (spiritual and physical fraudsters). It shall be well with you.

Reference: Matthew 25:14-30 NIV

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