I read in The New York Times how that the college degree is becoming the new high school diploma, for getting even the lowest-level job. And it is the same thing happening all over the world. Late last year, a Nigerian bank, as I heard, sacked most of its contract staff. Today, people, especially the young ones must make it a prriority to continually make investments in themselves. Just yesterday, I read a post about an 87year old woman who went to school.

Don’t think it’s different spiritually. We are instructed to study to show ourselves approved: in fact, the New Living Translation says, “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval.” Many things are not meant for novices. A novice is not just a beginner, it also refers to someone who is unskilled. As long as you don’t make investments in yourself, you’ll remain a novice in the kingdom.

More than ever before, the kingdom of God is in need of qualified labourers. Yes, grace is sufficient and the anointing is present, but remember that it is with knowledge that the axe is sharpened, and that it is with knowledge that we make war. Also, your willingness to invest in yourself shows your level of commitment to the ministry that has been given to you.

Do have a great day.

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